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Erin Grace

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Party

*Sexual content*

"K said it was going to be great; a big party outdoors, at a gorge. We lived in Central New York, in an area called the Finger Lakes.

It was the three of us, plus the best friend of "S". There was a little area to swim among the trees. It was beautiful. I remember wearing my bathing suit the entire time, from early afternoon, until very late that night. There was a keg. I drank and drank....and drank some more. I was 12, maybe 13. At one point I remember overhearing the best friend of "S" say to her, "We need to watch her, she keeps running off, she isn't safe here."

I remember running through the woods, while people were doing God-knows-what, everywhere. I was free and happy. "K" was leaving me alone because there were too many people around. It was one of those parties in the summer that when word spread, it became huge. Cars just kept showing up throughout the day and into the night.

One of "K's" brothers was there and some of his friends. He was ready to graduate from high school. I remember at the end of the night, I was so drunk, I had to be helped into the car. I was lying down in the back, with the hatchback down and "K's" brother was lying there with me. He started to touch me. He stuck his fingers inside me. I was too drunk to care. I was used to all of this. It went on all the way home, with "K" and "S" in the front. 

"K" took his brother aside after we got home, he was furious with him for touching me. 

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