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Erin Grace

Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Little Time

Just to let everyone know, I've got quite a few posts in the works. I'm working more now and also trying to let my brain get away from all of these memories for a few days. As I'm sure you've noticed, I tend to tell the story, as it relates to the title, but then I tend to go off into more details that probably could make another post all together! I distract easily ;)

So there's some more to my story, for sure...I'll keep you posted.

Thanks so much for the loving support.

xoxo Erin


  1. Hi Beautiful Soul,
    I find that I need breaks too. This is heavy stuff! I have all kinds of body stuff going on- lots of mucus- a healing sign, but not fun. I say i am done with my healing , but my body will always remember and it is prudent to take breaks so you don't get sick. Please take your time. I am learning to do the same.
    Love, CAirn

  2. I am very proud of the person you've become, well, the person you've always been. When we were younger, I didn't know you well, or exactly what you had gone through in life; but I knew I cared for you. You could have done anything you wanted to do with me: love me, hate me and/or take your revenge on me for "k"'s shit. But you didn't. Thank you. I realize your beautiful soul/ heart/self is GREATER than your circumstances that have occurred during your life...and that of mine as well. Thank you again, my friend.

    PS. I chose Anonymous because I just didn't want to figure out what to choose and go through the damn process just to post a comment!!