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Erin Grace

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


 I heard this song this morning....even in therapy I could never cry for what happened to me. Hearing this song today did it though. Thought I would share.


  1. Ah- you are doing yourself a bunch of good- feeling things. It is so hard and so many people will do anything to not feel pain. I say look it directly in the face for what it is. I am glad you had a good cry. I just hope you didn't feel alone, because you are not. <3

  2. Thank you. I've been so hell bent on trying to be happy for so long, avoiding sadness at all costs because I'm afraid it will swallow me. I heard someone once describe their fear of crying as this, "I'm afraid if I start, I'll never stop." I think that's my fear, getting stuck in it and never getting out.

  3. Maybe that's why I love rain so much. It's cleansing and soothing to me. Give me a rainy day and I'm happy, go figure!

  4. As someone who is SO repulsed at the very thought of such events happening to ANYone, it's especially difficult for me to read these recollections and associate them with two such wonderful people. As soon as we get this time machine working, Rog and I are comin' for the both of ya. <3

  5. That's what makes life worth it all...friends like you, Gonzo :) Your compassion and sense of humor are priceless. xoxo