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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Easter Sunday

It was like a lot of other what you say, how you say it and be careful how you walk. I'm not sure exactly what set "K off that morning but it was one of those days that you never forget.

We were getting ready to go to see the family of "K" for Easter Sunday. The problem started before we left the apartment and escalated while he was driving the car. This was supposed to be a 10 minute ride to their house. If you've ever been a passenger in the car with an angry driver, you know how it can show in their driving. Imagine a driver out of their mind with anger. It was terrifying. It was an interrogation of me and "S", except in a speeding car. Sitting in an apartment for hours on end was nothing compared to this 45 minute ride from hell.

When "K" didn't get the answer he wanted, which was pretty much the entire ride, he would floor the accelerator, flying through stop signs, red lights, swerving onto the opposite side of the road, doing well over the posted speed limit, which on those roads was 30-45 mph max. He was screaming at us and laughing like a maniac. He was trying to scare the "right answers" out of us. I was in the backseat and "S" was in the front, she was grabbing his seat with one hand and her other hand was on the door handle. Her eyes were wide and fixated on the road, she was begging him to please slow down, she was sorry she upset him and does he want us all to die? I don't think I said a thing. Nothing was the "right" thing to say, it didn't matter, he was in another world.

After driving like a madman on main roads and back roads, for what seemed like forever, we were on our way back towards his family's house. We were still speeding along and "K" was still yelling, when we came upon a big hill. There was no way to see if there was oncoming traffic. "K" swerved to the opposite side of the road and floored the car up the hill and we went airborne a little. I thought for sure we were dead. In that city, that road is a pretty busy one but seeing as it was Easter Sunday, we were lucky. There was not a car in sight as we shot over that hill. He began to calm down and started to do his lecturing about God and how we belonged together. By the time we got to his family's house, "S" and I had our "normal" faces painted on, no sign of the events that occurred just a few minutes before. I know I was just thankful to be arriving anywhere at all.

Open the front door and smile.

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