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Erin Grace

About Me

I'm Erin Grace, a survivor of sexual, physical, verbal and emotional abuse. I'm also a Relationship Coach, I help people break through communication barriers in any relationship, to uncover the essence of what you wantMore specifically, my focus is to help married men have more authentic and meaningful communication with the women in their lives. Until about the age of 39, my confidence really suffered and I found myself very naive to others. I trusted where it wasn't wise to trust and I didn't trust where I could have...

I have three amazing children (twin boys and a daughter) who are very loving and kind...I absolutely could not ask for better children. I think I'm fun as hell, goofy, a kid at heart. Anyone who's respectful of me, I'll call my friend but that doesn't mean I'm not wise to bullshit. I've been through a lot of it.

I first became interested in psychology in middle school, around 8th grade. I don't know what exactly drew me in, but it captivated me from then on, until about a year or two ago. There's very little I agree with now, at least when it comes to therapy, just my own perspective, mind you. Different strokes for different folks. I was all gung-ho to be a psychologist...nothing was going to stop me. About the only thing I can agree with now, is that it seems we tend to gravitate towards what is familiar, whether we realize it or not, OR, we are so dead set on ever repeating our past that we swear to ourselves we will do differently and hold strongly to that. I have done yay.

Having such a troubled family taught me to highly value and respect my friends and choose them wisely. From my sister, my friend's and their families, I have learned how to become a good parent and a better human being. When you don't have a good base to jump from, you look so carefully at what appeals to you and what doesn't and that is what has shaped me. I am truly me, no copy here; not much of my parents, some of my sister (thank you, Lord) and much of the many different people I've been blessed to know over the years. I love you all.


  1. Erin, although I called you a friend for many years, I never knew you were living with this. I am so sorry and looking back now I don't know that I could have helped you but I sure would have tried. You are an amazing person to overcome this childhood & from what I have read since we became friends again through facebook you are a terrific mom!

  2. I love getting messages like this Kim...just hearing that means a lot! I'm so happy for all of the people I met through thee years. I don't think anyone realizes just how much I do appreciate ALL of my friends, you all were and are really like my family, I always looked forward to seeing you! I'm so happy for all you've accomplished, as well!