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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Reaction To My Blog

Reading over some of the last posts, I think that some of my comments about coming out with my childhood may sound like that of someone who is unsure of herself. For my own comfort, I want to make it clear that it is not. It comes out of recently having a huge amount of stress to manage and not allowing myself some time to have a good just accept that I'm managing the best I can and there's no more that I can possibly do. I am enough and I'm doing enough.

I've had to build my coaching business around my children because I have no other choices right now. It was tough to think about, kind of overwhelming, at first. I am excited though because that is what's motivating me, now, more than ever! I'm doing all that I've wanted to do for the past 20 years!

Some other things that I have had to deal with and yet they only serve to motivate me further, are the many reactions from people. Seems that with my talking about my past comes three responses: 1) By a landslide, I have received an enormous amount of kindness, respect and even some people sharing their own stories for the first time in their lives (for that, I feel very honored to be trusted) but I have also been on the receiving end of 2) projection and a few people 3) treating me as if I am exceptionally fragile and (anyone who knows me, knows that is a laugh!) unable to make good decisions because I am so damaged. Oh brother.

I am someone who has been brave enough to share their story with the whole world and I have become a good example for others that you do not have to become a product of your upbringing. There's no fragile here and I do just fine with the decisions I make, exactly for the reason of how I grew up! I've always tried to learn from my mistakes, so I'd say I'm very good at looking out for myself. I have a lot to offer the world, as far as relating to people goes. I know quite well, who I am and who I am not. Do I have times in some days when I feel less than great? Of course, who doesn't? Overall though, my current situation and how I grew up, have ultimately strengthened me greatly and although I wouldn't wish it on anyone, I have learned to take the very best and most positive things away from these extremely painful experiences and anything less than that, I do my best to leave behind.

As I reassess all that I've learned over the years and my strengths, especially with the many people who come to me because I seem to "get" where people are coming from (that makes me feel great!), I am reminded that I am doing really well, no matter what the paycheck.

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  1. How anyone could meet you and this blog with anything less than total respect and admiration is beyond me. I for one, and I think for many, am so proud of you, your accomplishments and your bravery. I know how it is to put it out there for the greater good and then to be met with opposition. Lame! Keep on, beautiful soul.
    Love, Cairn